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Epitome of Beauty
Interview IV


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Postmatch Interview with Anna Kournikova
Defeated Anne-Gaelle Sidot 7-6 6-2
February 2, 2001

Q. Could you just maybe briefly evaluate your game today and also what will you do, if anything different, against Lindsay that you did at the Australian?

A. Well I think that I, you know, played well today, Anne-Gaelle is always a tough opponent. You never really know what to expect from her, you know, if she's on, you know, she can hit 100 winners in a row, if she's off she can, you know, the same amount of unforced errors, so you really have to be always focused playing against her. And in the first set we were serving really well, I think, both of us, and then, you know, it's a good thing that I played really well the tie breaker, and once I had the set on my side, I think that I played more confident, and once I broke her in the second I was playing really well, and I don't know... is Lindsay's match finished? ...O.K....Well, I think that if I play her, I'll probably, you know, on this surface it's going to be really difficult to play against her, she has a great serve, obviously, and that gives her a lot of chances, so I will have to concentrate and make less mistakes as possible, and just play my best game to beat her. That's it.

Q. Yes, actually my question is a little bit apart from today's match. But, what do you like about Tennis or tennis playing. You've been on the tour for 5 years already, so have you noticed any changes taking place in you? What do you like about it?

A. Well, I think that I like it because it's my job and it's my hobby, so I can do both. And also, you know, since I was a little girl I always wanted to play Tennis professionally, and I can't remember myself doing anything else, so there's never been a question, you know, I'm going to do it or not going to do it, I always kind of thought I'm going to do it, so here I am doing it, and I really love traveling and playing, of course sometimes it does get difficult, but, you know, after one week of being at home, I want to travel again.

Q. So far you've been playing really well this year, and you are already in the semi finals. Do you think your first singles title is around the corner or are you not going to make any predictions?

A. Well I never say, you know, what's going to happen tomorrow, or after tomorrow, but maybe I should now that everybody's asking me about it, but, you know, like I always say, I'm just going to keep working and I'm playing well, I'm getting to the semis of almost, you know, every second tournament I play which is good, and I'm just really excited to go out there and give my best, and you know, give the best results, and if I win it's great, if I loose, I'll keep working. So obviously, the ultimate goal is to win when you're on the court so that's what I am trying to do.

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